Full Drill Flamingo Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Painting for Adult Beginners and Kids(7.87”x7.87”) (20x20cm)

Short Description:

Size:20×20 cm(7.87”x7.87”)
Package includes:
1 x high definition oil canvas
1 x Premium diamond pen
1 x anti-fatigue comfortable
1 x sorting tray
1 x Wax in Jar
Advanced tweezers

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5D DIY Diamond Art

The Crystal Flamingo diamond art kits is a simple,enjoyable and new fashion handcraft diamond painting kits suitable for All ages people.Draw this handmade product hand in hand with family or friends to enjoy the family's preferences and complementary relationship.The diamond painting kit contains three different sizes of diamond stones which making the whole picture more dazzling and vivid.

Super Quality

high-end oil canvas, green and environmentally friendly, and the printing effect is precise.Glue is non-toxic, super sticky, diamonds are not easy to fall off. Imported Epson 6-color printing,the printing basemap symbols are clear and accurate, the colors are rich, easy to paste, and no fatigue.sparkling drills contains 17 facets, is waterproof and never fades, it is vibrant and brighter

Flamingo Diamond Painting (2)
Flamingo Diamond Painting (1)

High Quality Service

We have 20 years of professional production experience,own professional designers and high quality, able to respond quickly and deliver.sparking diamond art drills shows in the picture,perfect for home wall decoration,office desk decoration.The diamond dotz kits make your home more artistic

Popular DIY Diamond Art Decoration

Diamond art kits for adults is a handicraft decorations. Very popular in home decoration,DIY projects and crafts, suitable for many consumer groups. In this process, it can cultivate children's practical ability and patience, improve their understanding of color and aesthetics, and can also help adults reduce stress, regulate emotions, improve self-confidence and continuity, cultivate patience, and finally experience pride and success.


DIY Steps

1.Unroll the canvas and tape it down onto a flat surface
2.Peel back part of the plastic film covering on the canvas
3.Pour out your first diamond stones color into the diamond tray
4.Dip your diamond painting pen tool into the wax that came with your kit and gently press the tip of the pen against the top-faceted part of the diamond stones.
5.Gently press the diamond stones against the corresponding square.Pull the pen away.Fill the rest of the squares in that section
6.Peel away more of the plastic covering and fill in more squares
7.Cover the canvas with the plastic sheet that it came with. Go over the canvas with a rolling pin or stack some heavy books on the top of the canvas overnight.
8.Congratulations,you can go framed up and decorate your home now!

DIY steps





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