Oem 5d Custom xmas Glow In Dark Drills diamond painting 20×20

Short Description:

Find something unique and creative to surprise your loved ones!

Christmas theme diamond painting is your best choice!

Diamond painting has grown in popularity over the years,

and for good reason. It combines the lightness of color with the sparkle of diamonds.

And what better way to spread holiday cheer than with a Christmas themed diamond painting?

Imagine the joy on your loved one’s face when they open a beautiful diamond painting of

Santa Claus or a festive Christmas tree.

These stunning pieces of art are sure to bring warmth and cheer to any home during the holiday season.

The best part? You can easily find various designs and patterns from diamond painting manufacturers.

Diamond painting maker offers a wide variety of options when it comes to Christmas themed diamond paintings.

From jolly Santa and his reindeer to beautiful snow scenes and sparkly decorations,

there’s something for everyone.

Whether your loved one is a beginner or an experienced diamond painter,

there is a design to suit their skill level and taste.

Christmas themed diamond painting is not only a unique and creative gift,

but also a great DIY Christmas gift. The Diamond Painting Kit

contains everything your loved one needs to start painting – from canvas to diamond

and everything in between.

They can spend hours of joyful creativity as they carefully place

each diamond on the canvas and watch the image come to life.

The best part?

Once your diamond painting is complete,

it can be proudly displayed as a work of art.

Whether framed to hang on the wall or displayed on a mantle,

these sparkling creations are sure to be the talk of the town during holiday gatherings.

So, this Christmas,

why not break free from traditional gifts and surprise your loved ones with a

Christmas-themed diamond painting?

These unique and beautiful works of art are sure to bring smiles,joy,

and holiday magic to all who receive them.

Don’t wait any longer – start shopping for the perfect diamond painting gift to make this holiday extra special!

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Conventional diamond, luminous diamond, neon luminous diamond 3 kinds of diamond painting effect comparison





Each effect can be customized, depending on your preferences


Best size for diamond painting:
Pattern size: 22x22cm
Canvas size: 27X27cm


Of course, the size of the diamond painting can also be customized.




The production process of diamond painting




Shipping methods






The pattern, size, and diamond shape of the diamond painting can all be customized.

If you are looking for a high-quality manufacturer that can be customized,

please send us an email and tell us your detailed needs.
We have a professional customer service team, design team, perfect production process and production process, and a 24-hour after-

sales team to provide you with the best service.

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