The Development of Diamond Painting

Diamond painting, a 40CM*40CM diamond painting can be completed in about 2 hours.

DIY diamond painting brings together the current popular concept of DIY and the most fashionable concept of flash diamonds, making it attract great attention in a short period of time and become popular all over the


DIY diamond painting goes deep into it, magnifies the state of DIY more accurately, and has been recognized by most people. At the same time, it is also because of the variety of patterns, and the desire and ability to create

in everyone’s subconscious.

DIY diamond painting replaces the new era, adds a high-grade color to home life, and improves people’s living standards.

It is also a handicraft that brings a new gift to lovers. The frame industry will benefit further.

diamond base map

The diamond-encrusted base map is the crystallization of the painstaking efforts of excellent designers. It makes the shining resin diamonds more closely united, and endows DIY diamond painting with the most sincere


The diamond-encrusted base map consists of many circles (or squares). In order for the resin diamonds to have a more shining effect, the designers arranged the circles one by one according to a special matrix effect.

Some patterns only have circles of one color, and some patterns also have circles of many colors.

Circles of different colors correspond to resin diamonds of different colors, making the picture colorful and distinct.

Diamond painting has provided consumers with diamond-encrusted colloid on the diamond-encrusted base map, which does not require consumers to use additional glue, which improves the safety and convenience of

operation, making it easy for children from 6 years old to 60-year-olds.

It can be set with diamonds.

Many customers told us that DIY diamond painting makes complicated things so simple.

The diamond base is a special fabric.

We use eco oil canvas or short lint canvas. If there is a slight stain, it cannot be cleaned with water, and it needs to be wiped with a wet towel. But at the same time remind consumers that a beautiful diamond painting needs your careful care.
resin drill
One of the most important materials for DIY diamond painting
Industry Trends of Resin Drills
After years of development, the technology of producing resin drills has gradually matured. Its development prospects determine the market demand for resin drills. Resin drills can completely help them shape their own charm. The advent of resin drills makes bold artistic creations more attractive. The dream that everyone can become a designer is no longer far away.
Features of the resin drill
Shiny, high quality, cheap. Resin drills have the characteristics of being brighter and tougher than acrylic drills, which creates the advantage that resin drills will not be easily broken when they fall to the ground; the characteristics of resin drills are that they are light in texture, moderate in brightness, low in price, and rich in color. , These characteristics are enough to have more market than glass drills. These remarkable features have established an unstoppable development trend for resin drills.
Diamond painting production process

Point drill tutorial

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