Production of diamond painting

If you have purchased a diamond painting canvas and do not know how to use it, then we are here to help you. First, you can choose a place and open the diamond painting package. The kit material contains a canvas with a pattern, all the diamonds, and a tool kit.
After checking, all we have to do is to understand the canvas. There are many small squares printed on the canvas, just like cross-stitch, the squares have different colors and symbols. Each symbol corresponds to a diamond of one color. The symbol will be listed on the form, and the diamond of the corresponding color will be printed next to the symbol. Usually, the form is printed on both sides of the canvas. Tear the plastic paper on the canvas. Don’t tear off the plastic paper completely, just tear off the part where you want to drill. Use your fingers to make a crease along the plastic paper to prevent the plastic paper from rolling back. Now that you have everything you need, take out your canvas and align your diamond and pen. Now is the time to get back to real work.
Paste diamond time.
1. Observe the canvas, select the starting grid and remember the symbols on the grid. Find that symbol in the table, and then find the diamond bag with the same symbol. Open the bag and pour some of the diamonds into the diamond box that comes with the set. Open the package of clay and poke a small amount of clay with the tip of a pen. The nib with clay is easier to stick diamonds. Gently touch the diamond with the tip of the pen. When the pen was removed from the diamond box, the diamond was stuck to the tip of the pen. In order to facilitate access to diamonds, the point diamond box is best placed under the canvas.
2. Remove the pen tip and the diamond will stick to the canvas. It is best not to press too hard at the beginning, because if the diamond grains are skewed, you can still move it upright, and then press it firmly, and the diamond grains will stick firmly.
3. Fill a larger square with diamonds. After one color is full, stick the other one. When needed, re-dip the pen tip to take the glue. When the squares represented by the same number are all glued, continue to the next color. It’s faster and more organized. Be careful not to put your hands on the canvas; the more your hands are in contact with the canvas, the less sticky the canvas will be.
After all, the work is glued. A beautiful diamond painting will show up in front of you, you can choose the bottom of the box or the book to press hard.

Post time: Nov-30-2021