My Diamond Paintings

Diamond painting kits consist of canvas, drill, tool kit and packaging.

1—First, let’s introduce canvas. Canvas is divided into eco oil canvas and silk flocking canvas

We have Eco oil Canvas with glitter and Eco Oil Canvas without glitter. The thickness of eco oil canvas is about 0.45mm.

One important thing you have to know: not all canvas is suitable for diamond canvas printing. Our canvas has been tested many times and does not disperse ink. 90% companies used eco oil canvas for their diamond painting. Because Environmental oil canvas has obvious advantages: good smoothness, reasonable price; But pls noted it cannot be ironed

The silk flocking canvas: There are many kinds of silk flocking canvas, and different batches are different in thickness. Silk flocking canvas has the advantage of softness without creases, but the price will be a little bit higher. If you want to rank top in diamond painting market, I recommend you silk flocking canvas.

Btw we sell canvas as well.

2— Drills.

Drills’ packaging: Different packages are used according to the customer’s order quantity.

Single style less than 50 pieces, using zipper bag; Single model are more than 50 pieces, we use sealed bag; Let me show you …………

The advantage of zipper bag is easy to use, reusable, and easy to save after opening.

The advantage of the sealed bag: it is precise in quantity, but it is not easy to keep after opening, but we have storage boxes

Material of the drills: Resin stones, My factory offer Resin stones only.

Btw, we can put AB drills, Luminous drills in the painting.

We also sell drills, they are sold by kilogram and small bags as well.

3—- The toolkit.

Kits are divided into Standard Toolkits and Premium Toolkit. Let me show you. I am sure you will notice the difference.

Our toolkit has three specifications

Standard toolkit — including drill pen, glue, tray

Premium toolkit –one including drill pen, tray,two multiple tips, blue round glue with box, tweezers ,Another include drill pen, tray, two multiple tips, heart-shaped glue, tweezers

Top toolkit –including resin drill pen, tray, blue round glue with box

The most important thing to note here is that we support all customization.

For example,

Drill pen, the holder can be customized in any color you want,

Glue can also be customized in color, size

Glue box, available in varies styles, which can be customized in color and size, and you can also add logo.

Tweezers, can customize the Logo

All toolkits can be customized according to your requirements. If you want custom toolkits or want to know more, click the 3 rd link inquiry more. Btw, we also sell toolsets, wax, pens, and bags


The packing is divided into three types: box, foam bag and OPP. There are two kinds of boxes. Box can protected the painting very well. Foam bag and opp bag have the lowest shipping cost. I recommend you the box. Let me show you my standard box. Very nice purple box; we offer customization for the box as well. That means you can print your logo and brand on the box. 




Post time: Apr-19-2022