How to choose a quality diamond painting



Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, is an organic combination of delicate and shining artificial crystal flat bottom diamonds and well-designed patterns. The painter just needs to glue the drill points on the drilling tool onto the corresponding symbols on the canvas, which can be used in a few minutes, and finally press the sticky areas to complete the painting.

Jingsheng crystal jewelry diamond painting, set design, processing and production as one, the cloth for high-end oil painting cloth, the base map can be washed with wet cloth will not fade, the drill is authentic Middle East drill without doping other diamonds, this diamond painting free of ironing. So how do we choose a good diamond painting?

Touch the canvas: a good canvas feel is obviously more solid, flat up, and only one layer, not cumbersome;

Look at the bottom glue: bottom glue is good, is the achievement of a diamond painting the most important standard, some businesses, in order to save development costs, the use of the most original brush glue technology, this way is likely to cause a large area of diamond off, so how to distinguish? The simplest way is to see that the edge of the glue part is not cut neatly and does not exceed the part that needs to be drilled;

Look at the diamond: a good diamond painting is the Middle East diamond, this kind of drill after grinding process, refraction is better, pasted out of the painting whether glossiness or three-dimensional sense are relatively strong, and will not fade, lose luster.

Look at the business: some businesses will tell you that our diamond painting will be ironed at high temperature and will never fall off. In fact, the composition of the base glue is not compatible with the glue at the bottom of the diamond. After high temperature, it is easy to cause the base glue to fall off from the canvas, so if some businesses tell you this, you can go quickly.

Finally, be sure to take a look at the unmounted finished product brought by the merchant and touch it personally. This is the most intuitive method.

Post time: Feb-01-2023